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Name Contact Information Research Interest
Scott T. Acton
Professor and Director, VIVA
Rice Hall 311 | 434.982.2003
Signal, Image and Video Processing
J. Milton Adams**
Professor (BME)and Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
AIMBE Fellow, BMES Fellow
Booker House | 434.924.3728
Control of breathing and blood flow, including ventricular assist pumps
James H. Aylor
Louis T. Rader Professor and Dean
IEEE Fellow
Thornton A-125 | 434.924.3593
Design Automation, Digital Systems, Test Technology
N. Scott Barker
Thornton E-226 | 434.924.6783
Application of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) to Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuits
Jeffrey T. Barth***
PO Box 800203 Med Ctr #203/Davis, 4338 | 434.924.2718
Department of Psychiatry and NB Sciences
John C. Bean
John Marshall Money Professor
IEEE Fellow
Thornton E-223 | 434.924.7575
Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Novel Electronic Materials
Andreas Beling
Assistant Professor
Thornton E-309 | 434.243.2147
Optoelectronic devices and photonic integrated circuits and their applications in fiber optic communication systems and microwave photonics.
Toby Berger
NAE Member, IEEE Fellow
Thornton C-323 | 434.243.2075
Information Theory, Random Fields, Communication Networks, Video Compression, Signature Verification, Coherent Signal Processing
Travis N. Blalock
Visiting Associate Professor
Rice Hall 302 | 434-924-1331
Mixed-Signal CMOS VLSI Design. Analog CMOS Signal Processing Design, Silicon Backplane Microdisplays
Steven M. Bowers
Assistant Professor
Rice Hall 302 | 434.924.3599
High Frequency Mixed Signal Circuits, Advanced Digital and Analog Circuits, RF Circuits, MM-Wave Circuits
Richard Bradley
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
National Radio Astronomy Observatory | 434.296.0291
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuitry, Radio Astronomy Instrumentation
Maite Brandt-Pearce
Thornton C-322 | 434.924.1470
Communications Theory, Optical Communications, Multiuser Networks
Benton H. Calhoun
Commonwealth Associate Professor
Rice Hall 306 | 434.243.2076
Digital Integrated Circuits, Memory Design Circuits, Sub-Threshold Digital Operation, Low-Power VLSI
Joe C. Campbell
Lucien Carr III Professor
NAE Member, IEEE Fellow, APS Fellow, OSA Fellow
Thornton E-219 | 434.243.2068
Si-Based Optoelectronics,; High Speed, Low Noise Avalanche Photodiodes; GaN Ultraviolet Photodectors; Quantum-Dot IR Imaging; Semiconductor Lasers
Thomas W. Crowe
Visiting Research Professor
Virginia Diodes, Inc.
Terahertz Technology; GaAs Devices; Heterodyne Receivers; Terahertz Sources
Joanne Bechta Dugan
Professor & Director, Computer Engineering (CpE) Program
IEEE Fellow
Rice Hall 301 | 434.982.2078
Reliability Analysis of Hardware and Software Fault Tolerant Computer Systems, Dynamic Fault Tree Models, Markov Models, Simulation
Boris L. Gelmont
Research Associate Professor
Thornton E-218 | 434.924.6090
Simulation, Fabrication and Characterization of Terahertz Frequency Sources; Computational Modeling of Light Induced Transformations in Organic Molecule; The Science and Technology of Nano/Molecular Electronics: Theory, Simulation, and Experimental Characterization
Avik Ghosh
Associate Professor
IOP Fellow
Thornton E-315 | 434.243.2347
Nanoscale Transport, Nanoscale Optics, Atomistic Theory of Electronic Conduction
Tatiana Globus
Research Associate Professor
Thornton E-222 | 434.924.7709
Electronic and Photonic Materials and Devices, Processing and Characterization
Mool C. Gupta
Langley Professor
Thornton E-214 | 434.924.6167
Photonics, Photovoltaics, High Power Laser Applications and Advanced Sensors
Lloyd R. Harriott
Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs
Thornton E-213 | 434.243.5580
Microelectronics, Particularly Lithography, Nanofabrication , Nanostructures, and Electron and Ion Beam Induced Processes
Jeffrey Hesler
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
Virginia Diodes, Inc.
Microwave Devices; Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Devices; Circuits Devices
Archie Holmes
Professor, Associate Provost
Thornton E-314 | 434.924.7770
Epitaxial Growth of III-V Semiconductors, Electronic & Optoelectronic Devices
John Hossack**
Biomedical Engineering, Room Building MR-5 2121 | 434.243.5866
Ultrasound imaging and focal drug delivery. Mouse heart imaging, image enhancement and quantification, microbubble imaging, intravascular ultrasound-based imaging and drug delivery, transducer modeling/design microfluidics for microbubble generation
Barry W. Johnson
L. A. Lacy Distinguished Professor and Senior Associate Dean
IEEE Fellow
Thornton A-126 | 434.924.7623
Biometrics, Safety-critical Systems, Fault Tolerant Systems, VLSI Testing, VLSI System Safety Modeling and Analysis
Anthony R. Kerr
Professor (Visiting)
IEEE Life Fellow
Nat. Radio Astronomy Observatory | 434.296.0363
Millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength receivers and technology for radio astronomy
John C. Lach
Professor and Chair
Thornton C219 | 434.924.6086
Wireless health, body sensor networks, digital system design methodologies
Arthur Lichtenberger
Research Professor and Director, UVML
Thornton E-224 | 434.924.7545
Superconducting Materials and Devices
Zongli Lin
IEEE Fellow, IFAC Fellow
AAAS Fellow
Thornton E-313 | 434.924.6342
Nonlinear Control, Constrained Control, Control of Systems Subject to Actuator Saturation, Robust Control, Active Magnetic Bearings and Other Control Application
P. Paxton Marshall
Professor Emeritus
Thornton C-321 | 434.243.4986
Electric Power and Machinery, Power Electronics, Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy
Harry Powell
Associate Professor and Director of Instructional Labs
Thornton E203 | 434.924.6107
Energy conversion, Power electronics, Signal processing for embedded systems, Machine learning, Engineering design, and Engineering education
Michael L. Reed
IOP Fellow
Thornton E-216 | 434.924.6309
Electronic and Biomedical Applications of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), and the Development of new Microfabrication Technologies
Mircea R. Stan
IEEE Fellow
Rice Hall 312 | 434-924-3503
Low-Power VLSI, Reconfigurable Computing, Hardware/Software Codesign, and Analog and Systems Digital VLSI
Nathan Swami
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Thornton C-218 | 434.924.1390
Nano/bio device engineering - signaling at the nano/bio interface
Gang Tao
IEEE Fellow
Thornton E-311 | 434.924.4586
Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Systems, Control Applications, Multivariables
Malathi Veeraraghavan
Rice Hall 407 | 434.982.2208
Networking Architectures and Protocols, Wireless Networks, Optical Networks, Computer Architecture
Robert M. Weikle
Thornton E-220 | 434.924.3362
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Radiating Structures
Keith Williams
Professor (Visiting)
Thornton E-204 | 434.227.6122
Daniel S. Weller
Assistant Professor
Rice Hall 309 | 434.924.4271
Signal and Imaging Processing, Advanced Medical Imaging, Signal Estimation and Reconstruction
Ronald D. Williams
Associate Professor
Thornton E-211 | 434.924.7960
Computer Design, Real-time Systems, VLSI Design/VLSI Testing
Stephen G. Wilson
Professor and Associate Chair
Thornton C-319 | 434.924.6091
Communications and Information Theory
Rooms in Thornton Hall and Rice Hall.
**Courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Primary appointment in Biomedical Engineering
***Courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Primary appointment in School of Medicine