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Name Contact Information Research Interest
Scott T. Acton
Professor and Director, VIVA
IEEE Fellow
Rice Hall 311 | 434.982.2003
Signal, Image and Video Processing
J. Milton Adams**
AIMBE Fellow, BMES Fellow
Office: TBD | 434.924.6320
Control of Breathing and Blood Flow, including Ventricular Assist Pumps
Homa Alemzadeh
Assistant Professor
Thornton E-314 | 434.924.6739
Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance, Cyber-Physical Systems Safety and Security, Healthcare Systems and Analytics
James H. Aylor
Louis T. Rader Professor and Dean Emeritus
IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow
Thornton E-310 | 434.982.2178
Design Automation, Digital Systems, Test Technology
N. Scott Barker
Thornton E-226 | 434.924.6783
Application of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) to Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuits
John C. Bean
John Marshall Money Professor
IEEE Fellow
Thornton E-223 | 434.924.7575
Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Novel Electronic Materials
Andreas Beling
Assistant Professor
Thornton E-222 | 434.243.2147
Optoelectronic Devices and Photonic Integrated Circuits and their Applications in Fiber Optic Communication Systems and Microwave Photonics.
Toby Berger
NAE Member, IEEE Fellow
Thornton E-317 | 434.243.2075
Information Theory, Random Fields, Communication Networks, Video Compression, Signature Verification, Coherent Signal Processing
Nicola Bezzo
Assistant Professor
Olsson 102F | 434.924.1365
Cyber-Physical Systems, Robotics and Control, Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles/Autonomous Vehicles, Attack-Resilient Control/Cyber-Security, Co-Design and Rapid Prototyping
Travis N. Blalock
Visiting Associate Professor
Analogic Ultrasound
Mixed-Signal CMOS VLSI Design. Analog CMOS Signal Processing Design, Silicon Backplane Microdisplays
Steven M. Bowers
Assistant Professor
Rice Hall 302 | 434.924.3599
High Frequency Mixed Signal Circuits, Advanced Digital and Analog Circuits, RF Circuits, MM-Wave Circuits
Richard Bradley
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
National Radio Astronomy Observatory | 434.296.0291
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuitry, Radio Astronomy Instrumentation
Maite Brandt-Pearce
Professor and Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Thornton A-124 | 434.924.1470
Communications Theory, Optical Communications, Multiuser Networks
Benton H. Calhoun
Rice Hall 306 | 434.243.2076
Digital Integrated Circuits, Memory Design Circuits, Sub-Threshold Digital Operation, Low-Power VLSI
Bradford Campbell
Assistant Professor
Office: TBD | Phone: TBD
Cyber-Physical Systems, Low Power Hardware, Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting
Joe C. Campbell
Lucien Carr III Professor
NAE Member, IEEE Fellow, APS Fellow, OSA Fellow, NAI Fellow
Thornton E-219 | 434.243.2068
Si-Based Optoelectronics,; High Speed, Low Noise Avalanche Photodiodes; GaN Ultraviolet Photodectors; Quantum-Dot IR Imaging; Semiconductor Lasers
Thomas W. Crowe
Visiting Research Professor
Virginia Diodes, Inc.
Terahertz Technology; GaAs Devices; Heterodyne Receivers; Terahertz Sources
Luke Dahl****
Assistant Professor
Wilson Hall 103 | 434.924.6496
New Interfaces for Musical Expression & Music Interaction Design, Music-Related Movement & Gesture, and Music Signal Processing
Aaron M. Datesman
Visiting Assitant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stinger-Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc./NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Transition-Edge Sensor Detectors for X-Ray Astrophysics, Superconducting Electronics, and Materials
Todd DeLong
Thornton E-208 | 434.924.6309
Embedded Systems, Dependable and Safety-Critical Systems, Engineering Education
Joanne Bechta Dugan
Professor and Director, Computer Engineering (CpE) Program
IEEE Fellow
Rice Hall 301 | 434.982.2078
Reliability Analysis of Hardware and Software Fault Tolerant Computer Systems, Dynamic Fault Tree Models, Markov Models, Simulation
Farzad Farnoud
Assistant Professor
Thornton E-309 | 434.924.4101
Information and Coding Theory, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Machine Learning
Boris L. Gelmont
Visiting Research Associate Professor
Thornton E-218 | 434.924.6090
Simulation, Fabrication and Characterization of Terahertz Frequency Sources; Computational Modeling of Light Induced Transformations in Organic Molecule; The Science and Technology of Nano/Molecular Electronics: Theory, Simulation, and Experimental Characterization
Avik Ghosh
IOP Fellow
Thornton E-315 | 434.243.2347
Nanoscale Transport, Nanoscale Optics, Atomistic Theory of Electronic Conduction
Tatiana Globus
Visiting Research Associate Professor
Thornton E-218 | 434.924.6090
Electronic and Photonic Materials and Devices, Processing and Characterization
Mool C. Gupta
Langley Professor
Thornton E-214 | 434.924.6167
Photonics, Photovoltaics, High Power Laser Applications and Advanced Sensors
Lloyd R. Harriott
Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Thornton E-213 | 434.243.5580
Microelectronics, Particularly Lithography, Nanofabrication , Nanostructures, and Electron and Ion Beam Induced Processes
Jeffrey Hesler
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
Virginia Diodes, Inc.
Microwave Devices; Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Devices; Circuits Devices
Archie Holmes
Professor and Associate Provost
Booker House | 434.924.7770
Epitaxial Growth of III-V Semiconductors, Electronic & Optoelectronic Devices
John Hossack**
Biomedical Engineering, Room Building MR-5 2121 | 434.243.5866
Ultrasound Imaging and Focal Drug Delivery. Mouse Heart Imaging, Image Enhancement and Quantification, Microbubble Imaging, Intravascular Ultrasound-Based Imaging and Drug Delivery, Transducer Modeling/Design Microfluidics for Microbubble Generation
Barry W. Johnson
L. A. Lacy Distinguished Professor
IEEE Fellow
NAI Fellow
Thornton E-312 | 434.924.7623
Biometrics, Safety-critical Systems, Fault Tolerant Systems, VLSI Testing, VLSI System Safety Modeling and Analysis
Thomas Katsouleas
Robert C. Taylor Professor and Executive Vice President and Provost
IEEE Fellow, APS Fellow
Madison Hall
Use of Plasmas as Novel Particle Accelerators and Light Sources
Anthony R. Kerr
Visiting Professor
IEEE Life Fellow
Nat. Radio Astronomy Observatory | 434.296.0363
Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wavelength Receivers and Technology for Radio Astronomy
John C. Lach
Professor and Chair
Thornton C-219 | 434.924.6086
Cyber-Physical Systems, Smart & Connected Health, Body Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting, Low Power Systems, Digital System Design Methodologies
Kyusang Lee
Assistant Professor
Flexible Electronics, Optoelectronic Devices, Thin-Film Photovoltaics, Artificial Eyes, 2D Materials, Kirigami/Origami Based 3D Electronics
Arthur Lichtenberger
Research Professor and Director, UVML
Thornton E-224 | 434.924.7545
Superconducting Materials and Devices
Zongli Lin
Ferman W. Perry Professor
IEEE Fellow, IFAC Fellow, AAAS Fellow
Thornton E-313 | 434.924.6342
Nonlinear Control, Constrained Control, Control of Systems Subject to Actuator Saturation, Robust Control, Active Magnetic Bearings and Other Control Application
P. Paxton Marshall
Professor Emeritus Electric Power and Machinery, Power Electronics, Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy
Omid Noroozian
Visiting Assistant Professor
Central Development Laboratory, National Radio Astronomy Observatory | 434.244.6859
Toluwalogo "Tolu" Odumosu*
Assistant Professor
Thornton A-222 | 434.982.2623
Mobile Studies, Science & Technology Policy, User Oriented Design, Constitutive Appropriation, Technological Transfer, Information and Communication Technologies, Public Reason, Politics of Artifacts
Harry Powell
Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs
Thornton E-203 | 434.924.6107
Energy Conversion, Power Electronics, Signal Processing for Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, Engineering Design, and Engineering Education
Daniel Quinn
Assistant Professor
MEC 310 | 434.924.9576
Bio-Inspired Vehicles, Biomechanics, Wake Dynamics, Energy Harvesting, Flow Sensing
Michael L. Reed
IOP Fellow
Thornton E-216 | 434.924.6309
Electronic and Biomedical Applications of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), and the Development of New Microfabrication Technologies
Gustavo Kunde Rohde
Associate Professor
MR5 2051 | 434.243.6906
Computational Imaging; Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Pathology, Neuroimaging, System's Biology, Mobile/Remote Sensing.
Haiying Shen***
Associate Professor
Rice Hall 303 | 434.924.8271
Cloud Computing and Datacenters, Big Data, Cyber-Physical Systems, Distributed Systems, Mobile Computing, High Performance Computing, and Social Networks.
Mircea R. Stan
IEEE Fellow
Rice Hall 312 | 434.924.3503
Low-Power VLSI, Reconfigurable Computing, Hardware/Software Codesign, and Analog and Systems Digital VLSI
Nathan Swami
Associate Professor and Associate Director, nanoSTAR Institute
Thornton E-209 | 434.924.1390
Nano/Bio Device Engineering - Signaling at the Nano/Bio Interface
Gang Tao
IEEE Fellow
Thornton E-311 | 434.924.4586
Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Systems, Control Applications, Multivariables
Malathi Veeraraghavan
Rice Hall 407 | 434.982.2208
Networking Architectures and Protocols, Wireless Networks, Optical Networks, Computer Architecture
Robert M. Weikle
Thornton E-220 | 434.924.3362
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Radiating Structures
Daniel S. Weller
Assistant Professor
Rice Hall 309 | 434.924.4271
Signal and Imaging Processing, Advanced Medical Imaging, Signal Estimation and Reconstruction
Keith Williams
Visiting Assistant Professor
Thornton E-204 | 434.227.6122
Nanomaterials Synthesis and Devices, Advanced Lithography, Hybrid Bio/Nano Materials and Devices
Ronald D. Williams
Associate Professor
Thornton E-211 | 434.924.7960
Computer Design, Real-time Systems, VLSI Design/VLSI Testing
Stephen G. Wilson
Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Programs
Thornton C-218 | 434.924.6091
Communications and Information Theory
Mona Zebarjadi
Assistant Professor
Thornton E-218 | 434.924.7532
Electron and Phonon Transport Modeling, Materials and Device Design, Fabrication and Characterization

Rooms in Thornton Hall and Rice Hall.
*Courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Primary appointment in Engineering & Society
**Courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Primary appointment in Biomedical Engineering
***Courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Primary appointment in Computer Science
****Courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Primary appointment in McIntire Department of Music