Wire Bond System

  The wirebond system from Micro Point Pro Ltd. is used to make electrical connections between the sample and the dual in-line package. The packaged sample can then be mounted onto the cryostat for measurements. The machine has both semi-automatic and manual modes with Z option. The bondwires that we currently use are made of gold or aluminum. 

   Versalab from Quantum Design,

   3 Tesla, Cryogen-free Physical Property Measurement    System, 50K-400K

  Thermoelectric and Thermomagnetic bulk measurements
    - Electrical conductivity,
    - Seebeck coefficient
    -Thermal conductivity
    -Hall data
    -Nernst coefficient
    -Heat Capacity

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This Metallurgical microscope with a range from 40-2000X can be used for metallurgical, mineral identification and crystal, electronic integrated circuit examination and research
Electrical Transport Measurement (thin films and 2D materials)

The closed-cycle cryogen free cryostat with a temperature range from 10 K – 800 K provided by Janis Research Co.,  is our base setup for organic and inorganic thin-film TE material measurements.
We are designing stages for thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, Hall mobility, Seebeck coefficient and Nernst coefficient measurements of different samples to be used inside the cryostat.
Lake Shore temperature controller is used for scanning the targetted temperature range.
Helium compressor is used to lower the temperature along with cold finger extension.

Vacuum chamber with water cooling, provided by Kurt J. Lesker. We build sample stages incorporated inside the vacuum chamber to characterize high temperature thermopower,  electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity of bulk thermoelectric materials.

The Van der Pauw method is used commonly for the electrical resistivity of small-size wafers and thin film materials. This setup is now installed in our laboratory and is calibrated by measuring the electrical resistivity of Nickel 270(with error less than 1.4%).
Keithley power supply and voltmeters are used to send current and measure voltage. The setup is controlled by a labview program.

Thermo-reflectance Measurements

Micro-Sanj thermal imaging setup is capable of providing 2D temperature map of devices under bias. It is a powerful tool for device failure analysis, thermal management in devices and studying heat transprot in transient and steady state.

Energy  Science Nanotechnology
& Imagination Lab
LFA 467 Flash Diffusivity Instrument

  Allows bulk sample thermal diffusivity measurement in the temperature range of -100°C to 500°C. The instrument can be used for samples with thermal diffusivity in the range of 0.01 mm2/s to 1000 mm2/s. In carrying out a measurement, the lower surface of a plane parallel sample is first heated by a short energy pulse. The resulting temperature change on the upper surface of the sample is then measured with an infrared detector. Thermal diffusivity is then extracted from the change of upper surface temperature with respect to time. For more information visit:

Low Vibration Cryostat for Termo-reflectance, Optical, electrical measurements

Our cryostat, custom made by Advanced Research System, Inc., is able to work in the temperature range of 10 K – 800 K. The packaged sample will be placed in a small chamber with an optical window on top. The addition of the optical window enables the usage of the thermal imaging system from Microsanj and we can obtain temperature maps or heating/cooling curves of devices at different ambient temperatures under various biases. Other electrical measurements can also be conducted using this setup.