Group NEWS

Fall 17:

  • Mona presents a talk at Electrochemical Society Meeting (Oct. 1-6)
  • Mona presents a talk in memory of Prof. M. Dresselhaus at MRS, fall meeting
  • Brad (ECE), Nick (MAE), Naimul(ECE) and Carla (MAE) will work with E-Snail this Fall. 
  • Rosul joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome to the group!
  • E-snail hosts Dr. Bolin Liao from UCSB
  • Mona presents a toturial on Solid state devices at ECE seminars series
Summer 17:

  • Garrett Joined the group as a master student. Welcome to the group Garrett
  • We are changing our group name from ESNL to E-Snail. We had to use "Imagination" to make our electronic snail :)
  • Naiming joined the group. He is a PhD student co-advised with Prof. Floro (MSE), welcome to the group Naiming
  • Mona presented talks at Nanoscale transport phenomena (Tokyo), ICT(Pasadena) and IEEE nano(Pittsburgh) conferences
  • Nick, Vivian and Jesse finalized their summer nanostar projects 
Winter 17:
  • Han-Chun joins ESNL. Welcome to the group!
  • Mona receives NSF career award to work on nonlinear solid state thermal to electrical power generators
  • Mona presents an invited talk at SPIE photonics, S. Francisco
  Fall 16:
  • ESNL just installed a thermal imaging setup
  • Dr. E. Andrei from Rutgers Univeristy visits UVa and ESNL
  • APL materials's Special topic: Thermoelectric Materials is now online:
  • Mona presents a talk at SES, U. Maryland, in the honor of Dr. Gang Chen's Eringen medal.
  • Mona presents a talk at UVA ECE department.
Summer 2016:
  • Our group will move to University of Virginia (ECE and MSE departments) this coming September.
  • Xiaobing defends his Master of Science thesis

July 2016: Michael presents his poster at Aresty symposium
April 2016: Adrian, Ben, Gregory, David, Jack, Khang, Dylan, Charlene, Nolan, and Robert demonstrate their water desalination prototype at Rutgers day.
March 2016: Priyanka presents her poster at SUPER program.

March 2016: Our latest review of solid-state cooling will be published soon in Rev. Modern Physics

March 2016: Dr. Maksim Markov joined our group from Ecole Polytechnique, France. Welcome to the group Maksim

March 2016: Xiaoming presents his results at MRS conference.

March 2016: Junxi presents his results at APS conferece.

March 2016: Mona presents a talk at PRTEC conferece.

  Feb 2016: Mona presents an invited talk at EMN conferece. Here is a link to the presentation slides: EMN-Mona

  October 2015: Prof. Vasileska visits Rutgers and ESNL

  August 2015: ESNL receives equipment funding to purchase a laser flash system for thermal conductivity measurements

  August 2015: Danielle and Susan presents their work at "Rutgers University Research Experience for Teachers in Engineering".

August 2015: Akash presents his poster at Aresty program.
August 2015: Jon presents his poster at GetUp program.

June 2015: Wenqing Shen defends his master thesis.

May 2015: ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL HEAT TRANSFER is running at Rutgers.Xiaobing, Xiaoming, and Mona are presenting

April 2015:   Senior design team presents their prototype on hybrid thermoelectric-heat pipe at Rutgers Day.

April 2015:   Tara and Alex present their work at Aresty 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. They earned an Honorable Mention: STEM:

April 2015:   Mona Zebarjadi delivers an invited talk at Tempele University, PA.

Jan 2015: Dr. Austin Minnich from Caltech Univ. visits Rutgers and ESN lab. 

Dec 2014:   Mona Zebarjadi delivers an invited talk at MRS, fall meeting, Boston.

September 2014:   Dr. Junxi Duan and Dr. Xiaoming Wang joined the group. Welcome!

August 2014:   Anirudh presents his work at Aresty summer science program, the International Lounge at Busch Campus Center, Aug 8 @ 11:30am.

August 2014:   Our PRB paper," Combinatorial approach to identify electronically cloaked hollow nanoparticles " is published online

July 2014:   Juan Aguliar is presenting his work in RiSE symposium : July 30

July 2014:   Mona Zebarjadi is awarded an NSF grant with Zhiqun Lin (GT) and J.E. Bowers (UCSB) to incorporate modulation doping idea and adding it to organic-inorganic hybrid thermoelectric materials. 

July 2014:   Mona Zebarjadi and Keivan Esfarjani are organizing a symposium on Micro and nanoscale heat transfer in ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL HEAT TRANSFER.

Jun 2014:   Wenqing Shen presents his results on electronic cloaknig at EMC conference.

Jun 2014:   Mona Zebarjadi presents an invited talk at CIMTEC, Italy, Prof. L. Chen's invitation

Apr 2014:  Jeffrey DeLucca defended his project successfully and received his Master of Engineering Degree, congratulations!

Mar 2014:   Mona Zebarjadi presents an invited talk at APS march meeting, Prof.Kioupakis's invitation

Jan 2014:    Prof. Z.F. Ren is visiting Rutgers and ESN lab.

Jan 2014:    Mona is co-organizing a focus session on thermoelectric materials in American Physical Society March meeting: 21.1.1: Thermoelectric Phenomena, Materials, Devices, and Applications (DMP/GERA/FIAP) (DCMP/DMP)

Nov 2013:    Prof. Z. Lin from Georgia Tech is visiting Rutgers and ESN Lab

Nov 2013:    Mona Zebarjadi presents an invited talk at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, ECE department, Prof. Aksamija's invitation

Sep 2013:    Xiaobing Zhang and Wenqing Shen joined ESN lab, welcome.

Jul 2013:    Mona Zebarjadi presents an invited talk at ASME conference, Brown Univ.

Jul 2013:    Mona Zebarjadi presents an invited talk at Tokyo University, Prof. Shiomi's group.

Jun 2013:  Mona Zebarjadi presents an invited talk at Tohoku University, Japan. Prof. Saito's group.

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