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The appeal of the optical medium for communications, its tremendous bandwidth, is only fully exploitable through multiplexing of many signals, in time, wavelength, or other domain. Our research explores the use of signal processing, communication theory, and optical techniques in designing high capacity optical multiuser/multichannel systems and networks. Topics of current interest include:

Optical wireless and visible light communications (Publications)

Advanced modulation and coding for optical communication systems (Publications)

Cross-layer design and optimization of optical networks (Publications)


Dec 2019:

· Yuxin Xu defends his Ph.D dissertation entitled "Cross-Layer Resource Provisioning for Long-haul Fiber Optic Networks.

Oct 2019:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce gives an Invited Talk at ECOC 2019 in Dublin, Ireland, entitled "Multiuser Visible Light Communications Using OFDMA".

Jun 2019:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce gives the Opening Keynote talk at the Paris LiFi congress, France.

May 2019:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce organizes an Invited Session at CTW 2019, Iceland.

May 2019:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce presents at a panel on “Synergy in Industry and Academia R&D Collaborations” at ICC 2019, Shanghai, China.

May 2019:

· Zafer Vatansever defends his Ph.D dissertation entitled "Visible Light Communications Based Indoor Tracking and Navigation".

May 2019:

· Emeka Ikpeazu defends his Master thesis.

March 2019:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce gives a Plenary presentation at CISS 2019, Baltimore, MD.

July 2018:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce gives an Invited Talk at the 2018 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, Switzerland.

Jun 2018:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce is invited to talk at International Lighting Exhibition, Guangzhou, China.

May 2018:

· Prof. Brandt-Pearce gives two talks at ICC, Kansas City, USA.

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