Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), is the international electrical engineering honor society. The Gamma Pi chapter at the University of Virginia, is housed in the ECE department at Thornton Hall, south-west of the beautiful academic village (pictured above).

Update Sep 8 2014 - IEEE-HKN invitations have been sent out to all selected undergraduate and graduate member candidates. Congratulations to everyone! Please finish the pledge test on this link before the deadline (Saturday September 20, 2014 at 11:59pm), so that we have a better assessment of your qualification in addition to your academic standings for HKN honor membership.

Update Aug31 2014 - Our new website is up on the server! Please check HERE for a quick glance. Once details are finalized, the new website will replace the older and serve as the main channel of communication between our members, students and the local Chapter.

Update Summer 2014 - A brand new website for our chapter is under development. It is coming soon!

Update Spring 2013 - HKN has now sent out the invitations to the new class of prospective inductees. You can find the application information here. Deadline for completion of duties is April 9, 2013. Please view this official invitation letter.

Feel free to contact our president, Xin Song, at xs4gs (at) virginia.edu.