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Yaohua Tan joined VINO as Postdoc since 2016. He received his PhD at Purdue University 2015. His current interests include quantum transport studies and applications of graphene PN junctions; spin transport phenomena and possible applications in Topological insulators. He was working on tight binding parameterization from ab-initio calculations for his PhD. He develop an efficient technique of extracting transferable tight binding parameters from ab-initio calculations. This technique was applied to multiple materials.

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  • PhD in EE, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA (2015).
  • Publications
  • Full band Monte Carlo simulation of AlInAsSb difital alloys
    Zheng et al., InfoMat, 2020

  • A comprehensive analysis of Auger generation impacted planar Tunnel FETs
    Ahmed et al., Solid-State Electronic, 2020

  • A multiscale materials-to-systems modeling of polycrystalline PbSe photodetectors
    Gangulyet al., JAP, 2019

  • Understanding the Role of Minigaps in APDs: Towards Designing a Better Photodetector
    Ahmed et al., IEEE Photonics Conference, 2019

  • Characterization of band offsets in AlxIn1-xAsySb1-y alloys with varying Al composition
    Zhenget al., APL, 2019

  • Strain effect on band structure of InAlAs digital alloy
    Zheng et al., JAP, 2019

  • Machine learning electron correlation in a disordered medium
    Ma et al., PRB, 2019

  • Computational search for ultrasmall and fast skyrmions in the Inverse Heusler family
    Xie et al., arXiv preprint, 2019

  • Colossal tunability in high frequency magnetoelectric voltage tunable inductors
    Yan et al., Nat. Comm., 2018

  • Modeling tunnel field effect transistors - from interface chemistry to non-idealities to circuit level performance
    Ahmed et al., JAP, 2018

  • APD Performance Enhancement: Minigap Engineering in Digital Alloys
    Ahmed et al., IEEE Photonics Conference, 2018

  • Toward deterministic construction of low noise avalanche photodetector materials
    Rockwell et al., APL, 2018

  • Temperature dependence of the ionization coefficients of InAlAs and AlGaAs digital alloys
    Yuan et al., Photonics Research, 2018

  • Spintronic signatures of Klein tunneling in topological insulators
    Xie et al., PRB, 2017

  • A multi-scale materials-to-systems model for PbSe MID-IR photodetectors
    Ganguly et al., UPC, 2017

  • Auger effect limited performance in tunnel field effect transistors
    Ahmed et al., E3S, 2017

  • Graphene Klein tunnel transistors for high speed analog RF applications
    Tan et al., Scientific Reports, 2017

  • First principles study and empirical parametrization of twisted bilayer MoS2 based on band-unfolding
    Tan et al., APL, 2016

  • First principles study of twisted bilayer MoS2 through band unfolding
    Tan et al., DRC, 2016

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