Carlos A. Polanco

PhD Student (Alumni)
Oak Ridge National Lab (Current)
  • PhD in EE, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA (2015).
  • BSc in EEE, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia (2006).
  • BSc in Mathematics, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia (2006).
  • Publications
  • Maximization of thermal conductance at interfaces via exponentially mass-graded interlayers
    Rastgarkafshgarkolaei et al., Nanoscale (accepted), 2019

  • Optimizing the interfacial thermal conductance at gold-alkane junctions from 'First Principles'
    Zhang et al., ASME. J. Heat Transfer, 2016

  • Interplay between coherent and incoherent phonon transport in the thermal conductivity of superlattices from the nanoscale to the microscale
    Polanco et al., PRB, 2018

  • Effects of bulk and interfacial anharmonicity on thermal conductance at solid/solid interfaces
    Polanco et al., PRB, 2017

  • Design rules for interfacial thermal conductance: Building better bridges
    Polanco et al., PRB, 2017

  • Role of crystal structure and junction morphology on interface thermal conductance
    Polanco et al., PRB, 2015

  • How intermixing and anharmonicity enhances interfacial thermal conductance?
    Polanco et al., APS, 2015

  • Enhancing phonon flow through one-dimensional interfaces by impedance matching
    Polanco et al., JAP, 2014

  • Phonon impedance matching: minimizing interfacial thermal resistance of thin films
    Polanco, et al., APS, 2014

  • Manipulating thermal conductance across 3D/1D interface by impedance matching
    Zhang et al., APS, 2014

  • Impedance Matching of Atomic Thermal Interfaces Using Primitive Block Decomposition
    Polanco et al., NMTE, 2013

  • Atomistic deconstruction of current flow in graphene based hetero-junctions
    Sajjad et al., J. Comput. Electron., 2013

  • Effect of interface adhesion and impurity mass on phonon transport at atomic junctions
    Saltonstall et al., JAP, 2013

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