Temporal Memory with Magnetic Racetracks

Hamed Vakili, Mohammad Nazmus Sakib, Samiran Ganguly, Advait Madhavan, Matthew W. Daniels, Mark D. Stiles, Mircea Stan, Avik W. Ghosh, IEEE Journal of Exploratory Computational Devices and Circuits (Under Review) (2020).
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Race logic is a relative timing code that represents information in a wavefront of digital edges on a set of wires in order to accelerate dynamic programming and machine learning algorithms. Skyrmions, bubbles, and domain walls are mobile magnetic configurations (solitons) with applications for Boolean data storage. We propose to use current-induced displacement of these solitons on magnetic racetracks as a native temporal memory for race logic computing. Locally synchronized racetracks can spatially store relative timings of digital edges and provide non-destructive read-out. The linear kinematics of skyrmion motion, the tunability and low-voltage asynchronous operation of the proposed device, and the elimination of any need for constant skyrmion nucleation make these magnetic racetracks a natural memory for low-power, high-throughput race logic applications.