Temperature dependence of the ionization coefficients of InAlAs and AlGaAs digital alloys

Yuan Yuan, Jiyuan Zheng, Yaohua Tan, Yiwei Peng, Ann-Kathryn Rockwell, Seth R. Bank, Avik Ghosh, and Joe C. Campbell, Photonics Research , 6 (8) :794-799 (2018).


Digital alloy In0.52Al0.48As avalanche photodiodes exhibit lower excess noise than those fabricated from random alloys. This paper compares the temperature dependence, from 203 to 323 K, of the impact ionization characteristics of In0.52Al0.48As and Al0.74Ga0.26As digital and random alloys. These results provide insight into the low excess noise exhibited by some digital alloy materials, and these materials can even obtain lower excess noise at low temperature.