Self focusing Hybrid Skyrmions in spatially varying canted ferromagnetic systems

Hamed Vakilitaleghani, Yunkun Xie, and Avik W. Ghosh, PRL (Under Reveiw) (2020).
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Magnetic Skyrmions are quasiparticle configurations in a magnetic film that can act as information carrying bits for ultrasmall, all electronic nonvolatile memory. The skyrmions can be nucleated and driven by spin orbit torque from a current driven in a heavy metal underlayer. Along its gyrotropic path, a Magnus force can cause a skyrmion to be annihilated at the boundaries. By combining interfacial and bulk Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions (DMI), for instance by using a B20 material on top of a heavy metal (HM) layer with high spin-orbit coupling, it is possible to engineer a hybrid skyrmion that will travel parallel to the racetrack with zero Magnus force. We show that by using a spatially varying interfacial DMI, a hybrid skyrmion will automatically self-focus onto such a track as its domain angle evolves along the path. Furthermore, using a gate driven voltage controlled magnetic anisotropy (VCMA), we can control the trajectory of the hybrid skyrmion and its eventual convergence path and lane selection in a racetrack geometry.