A comprehensive analysis of Auger generation impacted planar Tunnel FETs

Sheikh Z. Ahmed, Daniel S. Truesdell, Yaohua Tan, Benton H. Calhoun , and Avik W. Ghosh, Solid-State Electronics , 169 :107782 (2020).


Tunnel Field Effect Transistors (TFETs) are known to be compromised by higher order processes that downgrade their performance compared to ballistic projections. Using a quasi-analytical model that extends the chemistry based Simmons equation to include finite temperature effects, potential variations and scattering, we exhibit that non-idealities like trap-assisted tunneling and Auger generation can explain the observed performance discrepancy. In particular, Auger generation is the dominant leakage mechanism in TFETs at low trap densities. Our studies suggest that possible ways of reducing Auger generation rate are reducing source carrier concentration and increasing the valence band transport effective mass of the source material. In this paper, we specifically investigate the impact of variations of these factors on device performance of staggered bandgap planar III-V heterojunction Tunnel FETs.