UVML - Safety Guide

There are a number of potentially dangerous chemicals, gases and tools in the UVML. Safety is of paramount importance in our facility. Joe Beatrice (jmb7r@virginia.edu) is the Facility's Safety Officer. Mr Beatrice has the final word on all safety issues. All Laboratory users must read and sign the University of Virginia’s "Survival Manual" (http://keats.admin.virginia.edu/lsm/home.html) as well as the UVML Safety Manual EVERY YEAR. The acquisition of any new chemicals or materials must first be approved by the Safety Officer. Users of the Laboratory must be familiar with the UVML waste labeling protocol. Access to a key to the laboratories will customarily be allowed after six months of laboratory experience.

  • Safety Officer: Joe Beatrice jmb7r@virginia.edu 434-924-0534
  • Police, Fire, Rescue, and Other Emergency: 911 (you don’t need a 9-)
  • Blue Ridge Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222
  • UVA office of Environmental Health and Safety: http://keats.admin.virginia.edu/home.html
  • UVA Special Materials and Handline: (434) 982-4911
  • MSDS Sheets: simplest method is to perform a web search on "MSDS+name"

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