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The Virginia Microfabrication Laboratories serve as the University of Virginia's center for microfabrication research across a broad front of activity in materials, devices, circuits, microsystems, and processing methods. The laboratories, while residing in the Charles Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, are open to and are used by students from all Schools of the University as well local Industrial collaborators. These activities share a 3,500 square foot clean room facility for microfabrication and materials research as well as a variety of other facilities for nanotechnology, microwave, terrahertz and optical analysis, and device design and testing. The research facilities are maintained and operated by the research staff of the UVML, which includes graduate and undergraduate students, a full-time facilities manager and three full time laboratory technicians.

Initial Contact

Initial contact can be made with Professor Arthur Lichtenberger, Director of the Laboratories, or Joe Beatrice, Facility Manager.

Laboratory Fees

In order to support the activities of the laboratories, laboratory fees are charged for facility use. The cost is $650/month (subject to change) for graduate students. Undergraduate students can utilize the laboratories for free during the semester, but we are currently adjusting policy to charge for undergraduate use during the summer months. All arrangement for fees are to be made with the Facility Manager Joe Beatrice.

First Use of the Facility

Before a student can use the facility, they need to have taken two different instructional tours. The first is a safety and big picture facility tour given by the Facility Manager Joe Beatrice. The second is a User Tour given by the director of the Laboratory professor Arthur Lichtenberger. After you have had these two tours, your picture will be taken and posted on the Approved User Board outside of the tog-room of the cleanroom. Until this has been done and laboratory users fees have been arranged, YOU CAN NOT use the Laboratory.


There are a number of potentially dangerous chemicals, gases and tools in the UVML. Safety is of paramount importance in our facility. Joe Beatrice is the Facility's Safety Officer. Mr Beatrice has the final word on all safety issues. All Laboratory users must read and sign the University of Virginia’s "Survival Manual" (http://keats.admin.virginia.edu/lsm/home.html) as well as the UVML Safety Manual EVERY YEAR. The acquisition of any new chemicals or materials must first be approved by the Safety Officer. Users of the Laboratory must be familiar with the UVML waste labeling protocol. Access to a key to the laboratories will customarily be allowed after six months of laboratory experience.

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