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Arthur W. Lichtenberger
UVML Director, Research Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Superconducting Materials and Devices
UVML Engineering Manager

N. Scott Barker
Assistant Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Application of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to microwave and millimeter-wave circuits.
Alex Lobo
Laboratory Intrumentation Engineer

John C. Bean
John Marshall Money Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Harry Wade
Laboratory Intrumentation Engineer

Thomas W. Crowe
Research Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Research Interests: Terahertz Technology; GaAs Devices; Heterodyne Receivers; Terahertz Sources

Bascom Deaver
Associate Chairman, Physics

Research Interests:
Superconducting electronics; Terahertz technology

Boris L. Gelmont
Research Associate Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Electronic materials and devices; Theory of novel semiconductor devices; Transport and optical properties of semiconductors; Simulation of Terahertz Frequency Sources

Tatiana Globus
Principal Scientist

Research Interests:
Characterization and optimization of electronic and photonic materials and devices

Lloyd R. Harriott
Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Microelectronics; Electron, ion, and photon beam lithography; Fabrication of nanoscale structures and devices

Jeffrey L. Hesler
Research Assistant Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Microwave Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Devices and Circuits Devices

Robert Hull
Charles Henderson Professor of Engineering, MSE

Research Interests:
Advanced Semiconductor Devices; Defects in Crystals; Electron and Ion Microscopy/Diffraction; Epitaxial Growth; Nanoprinting; Nanoscale Fabrication; Nanoscopic Materials Design; New Nanoscale Characterization; Semiconductor Nanosystems

Pamela M. Norris
Associate Professor, MAE

Research Interests:
Sensors for biological warfare detection; Optical measurement techniques; Microscale heat transfer; Thin-film thermophysical properties; Integration of sol-gel materials into microanalytical devices and advancement of aerogel technology

Michael L. Reed
Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Microsystems; Microfabrication; Nanotechnology

Nathan Swami
Graduate Program Director and Assistant Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Molecular Electronics & Sensing; Electric field manipulation of biomolecules; Fullerene Surface Science; Environmental Implications of Nanomaterials

Robert M. Weikle
Associate Professor, ECE

Research Interests:
Antennas; High-frequency semiconductor devices; Millimeter and Submillimeter-wave Electronics Quasi-optics; Submillimeter Electronics

Jongsoo Yoon
Assistant Professor, Physics