The Superconducting Devices and Materials Research Group (SDMRG) is part of the Microfabrication Laboratory within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia. 

The SDMRG was once known as 'SIS' for its cutting edge research in the field of SIS (superconductor/insulator/superconductor) heterodyne mixers. In recent years, research within the SDMRG has expanded to include the investigation of materials, processing technologies and devices for a variety of superconducting circuits. The driving force of this research is the need for ultra-low-noise heterodyne receivers at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths. Of particular emphasis is the investigation of complex integrated balanced and image rejection superconducting-insulating-superconducting (SIS) mixers open to Development Contracts for established mixers.  The group is also researching both diffusion-cooled hot-electron bolometers (d-HEBs) and phonon-cooled hot-electron bolometers (p-HEBs) for submillimeter applications.


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