New and Improved   EE and CpE Curriculum Class of 2017 and Beyond







Text Box: 	Increased emphasis on Hands-on experience and

Improved Integration of topics fundamental to EE and CpE


  Student engagement and learning will be enhanced by offering the core required courses in a studio format where students learn about new ideas and concepts and then work in small groups to see them in action for themselves


  The courses formerly known as Circuits (ECE 2630), Electronics (ECE 2660), and Signals and Systems (ECE 3750) will become ECE Fundamentals I ,II, and III, respectively, to facilitate connections between basic areas of EE and CpE to help students to gain a broader and deeper perspective on their major field.


  ECE Fundamentals I, II, and III will become four credit courses taught in the studio style with emphasis on conceptual learning through direct hands-on experience.


  The Embedded Systems (ECE 3430) course will also expand its hands-on content and move to four credits.


  Electromagnetic Fields (ECE3209) will be taught as a four-credit course in the studio mode incorporating demonstrations and experiments to make a more direct connection from theoretical concepts to practical applications.


  EE majors will no longer be required to take Physics II (Phys 2415) and its associated lab (Phys 2419).  This material will be learned in our Electromagnetic Fields course in more depth and with engineering applications.


For questions about EE, e-mail Prof. Harriott

For questions about CpE, e-mail Prof. Dugan