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Academic Programs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers undergraduate (bachelor of science) and graduate degrees (Ph.D., master of science, and master of engineering) in electrical engineering and in computer engineering (jointly administered with the U.Va. Department of Computer Science). The department also offers a minor in electrical engineering, open to all U.Va. students.

Graduates of the electrical engineering program utilize their academic preparation to become successful practitioners and innovators in electrical engineering and other fields. They analyze, design and implement creative solutions to problems with electrical and electronic devices and systems. They contribute effectively as team members, communicate clearly and interact responsibly with colleagues, clients, employers and society.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a rapidly expanding field, and includes such areas as communications, microelectronics, control systems, and computer system design. New and exciting areas are continually being developed, and more traditional areas are finding new applications. Because of the rapidly-changing nature of the field, this program is designed to provide a strong preparation in traditional electrical engineering, while providing maximum flexibility to accommodate student interests and current technological developments. Read more about the Undergraduate Program in EE and the Graduate Program in EE.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is an exciting field that spans topics in both electrical engineering and computer science. Students learn and practice the design and analysis of computer systems, including both hardware and software aspects and their integration. Careers in computer engineering are as wide and varied as computer systems themselves, which range from embedded computer systems found in consumer products or medical devices, to control systems for automobiles, aircraft, and trains, to more wide-ranging applications in telecommunications, financial transactions, and information systems. Read more about the Undergraduate Program in CpE and the Graduate Program in CpE.